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Anggaran beasiswa naik lagi..asik.. Tahun ini pemerintah menyiapkan dana Rp 2 triliun untuk memberikan beasiswa kepada 6 juta siswa. Jumlah ini naik 100% dari rencana di awal yang sebanyak 3 juta siswa. Demikian disampaikan oleh Wakil Menteri Pendidikan Nasional, Fasli Jalal saat ditemui di kantor Menko Perekonomian, Jalan Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, Selasa (2/8/2011).

“Kalau beasiswa, malahan kalau APBN-P dinaikkan, beasiswa itu dari 3 juta siswa bisa menjadi 6 juta siswa,” katanya.
Dirinya mengatakan, dibutuhkan dana Rp 2 triliun untuk dapat meningkatkan jumlah siswa penerima beasiswa menjadi 6 juta siswa tersebut. “Mendekati toal hampir Rp 2 triliun lah untuk di APBN-P,” ungkap Fasli.

Dilanjutkan olehnya, pemerintah juga akan menambah anggaran untuk program BOS (Bantuan Operasional Sekolah). Rencana sudah disetujui oleh pihak DPR dan Bappenas. “BOS itu untuk biaya yang diperlukan sekolah, sedangkan biaya individunya kita tutup dengan beasiswa,” lanjut Fasli. Namun, kenaikan anggaran untuk BOS tersebut perlu dibahas lebih lanjut. Jika nantinya anggaran total pendidikan tidak cukup, maka pihaknya akan mengurangi anggaran untuk program yang bisa dihemat.

Untuk diketahui, pemerintah dan DPR sepakat untuk menaikkan anggaran pendidikan di APBN Perubahan 2011 menjadi Rp 266,94 triliun, dari sebelumnya Rp 245,92 triliun. Ini untuk menjaga syarat persentase tetap 20% dari belanja APBN sesuai dengan undang-undang.

Alokasi anggaran pendidikan ini dibagi menjadi tiga bagian yaitu:

Alokasi anggaran pendidikan melalui belanja pemerintah pusat sebesar Rp 105,356 triliun

  • Alokasi anggaran pendidikan melalui transfer ke daerah sebesar Rp 158,966 triliun
  • Alokasi anggaran pendidikan melalui pengeluaran pembiayaan sebesar Rp
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  • Universitas Indonesia has recently established a new Master Degree Programme in Terrorism and Security Studies which will be managed by the Department of International Relations in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Universitas Indonesia aims to play a role in anti-terrorism efforts, at least in two ways. First it will contribute to the development of governmental counter-terrorism policy. This requires strategies to hinder terrorist activity as well as efforts to protect civil rights and social stability. Our rationale is to support and inform the state in its mission to counter terrorism and prevent the derogation of civil rights and liberties whilst also maintaining good governance, security and social services for the people. Secondly it will help create an unbiased and academically sound body of terrorism studies free from the agenda of ruling governments, political parties, agencies and private entities.

    Terrorism is only part of a bigger vision of problemmatic issues confronting Indonesians, and other citizens of the world, which are associated with global uncertainty. These issues include financial instability, climate change, pandemics and a range of networked threats organized and run by various illegitimate actors. Globalization has facilitated increased volumes of trade and wealth, as will also be generated from ASEAN`s Free Trade Agreement with China. However we need to be mindful that this wealth will be unevenly distributed. Globalization has also generated an underclass of malcontents and this offers opportunities for new criminal activity and political violence on a considerable scale. This is not limited to organized crime but also parallel effects of money laundering, corruption, weapons proliferation and the emergence of kleptocratic regimes.

    Indonesia’s security sector, the parliament, the executive body and security agencies can no longer ignore transnational security issues. While the rush against terrorism dies down as succcessful police killings and captures pile up, we can ask ourselves whether intelligence and security agencies have sufficient capacity to address other transnational issues such illegal trafficking of drugs, women and children and infiltration of illegitimate actors into our borders.

    In regard to this background the new Terrorism and Security Studies
    Programme will address the following key issues:

    * What is terrorism and what drives it?
    * Who are the `terrorists` and how do they operate?
    * Which political methods can best help us explain and understand terrorism and state responses to terrorism?
    * How do national security systems engage with the terrorist threat?
    * How does the interaction between the international Islamist movement and the nature of the state in Indonesia contribute to the emergence of Islamist terrorism in the country?
    * Why has political Islam gained popularity in Indonesia and why has it gained significant power in government decision-making. How does this compare with other political movements that have also applied violence in their campaigns?
    * What are the dynamics between the Islamist movement in the Middle East and South Asia and the growth of the movement in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia?
    * How have the processes of globalization impacted upon terrorism.
    * How can we understand the relationship between democracy, authoritarianism and terrorism?
    * How is the threat of terrorism perceived by state or non-state groups? How does this translate into counter-terror policy?
    * How have Indonesia and other S-E Asian countries interacted with Western military and economic support in recent history?

    17 bursaries for a full fee waiver are available for the 2010 intake of students. These bursaries will be available on a competitive basis. Grantees of a fee waiver will be short-listed from the results of the selection test held by Universitas Indonesia.

    Interested individuals must apply for the entrance test (Seleksi Masuk Universitas Indonesia/ SIMAK UI) before 23 March 2010. Applicants can visit or email for further information, including information for international applicants.

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  • Nanyang Scholarship for Freshmen Undergraduate Students

    In recognition of academic excellence and leadership potential, NTU offers a variety of scholarships to new as well as current students pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies in NTU. Scholarships are generally awarded to students based on academic merit and good co-curricular records.

    Nanyang Scholarship

    The Nanyang Scholarships, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s foremost undergraduate scholarships are awarded to the outstanding freshmen pursuing undergraduate programmes. Nanyang Scholarship recognizes students who excel academically, demonstrate strong leadership potential, and possess outstanding CCA track records.


    * Open to all nationalities.
    * Successful awardees should read a full-time undergraduate degree programme leading to a first degree, with the exception of Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine and the NTU-Georgia Tech Integrated Programmes where it will cover only the first three years of study in NTU.
    * Possess outstanding Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ level, Local Polytechnic Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, IB Diploma or Year 12 equivalent qualifications.
    * Excellent Co-Curricular Activities records.
    * Strong leadership qualities and potential.

    benefits of award
    Nanyang Scholarship covers up to the normal programme duration on condition that the scholar maintains a record of good academic performance and conduct satisfactory to the University.

    * Subsidised tuition fees will be fully covered.
    * Living allowance of S$6,000 per academic year.
    * Book allowance of S$500 per academic year.
    * Computer allowance of S$1,500 (one-off).
    * Settling-in allowance of S$250 (one-off).
    * Unique leadership training programme.
    * Priority for Global Immersion Programme.
    * No bond is attached to the Nanyang Scholarship apart from the three-year bond applicable to all Singapore PRs and international students under the MOE Tuition Grant Scheme.

    Terms & Conditions

    * Scholar may not, without the approval of the University, hold concurrently any other scholarships, bursaries or university loans (except for one-time award or book prize).
    * Nanyang Scholar is required to maintain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 out of 5.0. Academic performance will be reviewed every semester.
    * Nanyang Scholar is required to stay for at least one year in a hall of residence during your course of study and participate in university campus life.
    * Nanyang Scholar is to undertake the role of Student Ambassador, or any other similar role, to represent the University as and when called upon.
    * The Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the University, the scholar’s progress or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory.
    * If the scholar decides to terminate the scholarship prematurely, the University reserves the right to impose a repayment on a case-by-case basis.
    * Nanyang Scholar is required to attend all the Nanyang Scholars Programmes, i.e., Orientation, Award Ceremony and Leadership Training Programme, conducted by Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

    Application Procedures

    The same application period for admissions applies. Scholarships are awarded based on competition amongst shortlisted candidates.

    Applicants are required to submit your application for admission before submitting your application for scholarship.

    Applicants with the following qualifications:

    1. Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ level
    2. Local Polytechnic Diploma
    3. NUS High School Diploma
    4. IB Diploma

    * The scholarship application form can be found at the link ‘Application for Scholarship’ at the end of your online application for admission. You are required to login with the application number assigned to you.
    * Applicants are required to submit a recent passport-size photo (digital image) online after completing your application form.
    * Applicants are also required to submit a referee’s appraisal online.
    * If you have reserved an undergraduate degree programme in NTU, you can login to access the scholarship application form.

    Applicants with Year 12 equivalent results:

    * Click here to apply for the scholarship with your assigned application number.
    * Applicants are required to submit a recent passport-size photo (digital image) online after completing your application form.

    We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview.

    Undergraduate Programmes

    NTU offers many programmes to suit your individual requirements. Here is the list organised by area of interest as well as by type of programme. In addition to this list, NTU also provides a comprehensive list of minor programmes that you can take along with your major programmes to broaden your study options.

    Find out how you can enhance your value and opportunity to build a career and forging many long-lasting business and personal contacts with our Global Immersion Programme while in NTU.

    By area of interest

    * Accountancy & Business
    * Art, Design & Media
    * Communication Studies
    * Education
    * Engineering
    * Humanities
    * Science
    * Sport Science

    By type

    * Double Degree programmes
    * Integrated programmes
    * Part-time programmes
    * Special programme

    Mailing Address
    Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
    Nanyang Technological University
    Student Services Centre, Level 2
    42 Nanyang Avenue
    Singapore 639815


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    Jl. Lapangan Banteng Barat No. 3-4, Telepon : 3811642, 3811654, 3812216, 3812679, 3811214
    J A K A R T A


    Kebijakan pembangunan pendidikan mencakup tiga aspek yaitu: perluasan akses, peningkatan mutu, dan tata kelola. Perluasan akses dan peningkatan mutu pendidikan Islam mengisyaratkan keseriusan Kementerian Agama RI dalam meningkatkan angka partisipasi masyarakat di dunia pendidikan. Dalam rangka meningkatkan akses pendidikan tinggi bagi santri berprestasi dan meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan Islam, Kementerian Agama RI. bermaksud menjaring santri terbaik di kelas III pada Madrasah Aliyah (MA) atau yang sederajat di pondok pesantren untuk mengikuti program pendidikan tinggi melalui Program Beasiswa Santri Berprestasi (PBSB).

    a. Tercatat sebagai siswa/i kelas III Madrasah Aliyah (MA) atau yang sederajat
    di pondok pesantren.
    b. Berstatus sebagai santri aktif yang bermukim dan belajar/nyantri di pondok pesantren
    sekurang-kurangnya selama 2 (dua) tahun.
    c. Sehat jasmani dan rohani.
    d. Pada saat mendaftar berumur tidak lebih dari 20 tahun, terhitung tanggal
    13 Maret 2010.
    e. Memiliki prestasi yang baik selama pendidikan 5 semester berturut-turut dengan
    nilai minimal 70 (skala 100) untuk tiap mata pelajaran:

    Program IPA : Matematika, Fisika, Kimia, Biologi, dan Bahasa Inggris.
    Program IPS : Ekonomi, Geografi, Sosiologi, Bahasa Indonesia dan
    Bahasa Inggris.
    Program Bahasa : Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Indonesia, Antropologi,
    Sastra Indonesia dan Bahasa Asing lain.
    Program Keagamaan : Bahasa Arab, Ilmu Hadist, Ilmu Tafsir, Fiqih, Bahasa Inggris.

    f. Diajukan oleh Pimpinan Pondok Pesantren santri yang bersangkutan.

    Pendaftaran dimulai pada tanggal 5 Februari s/d 5 Maret 2010 di Kantor Wilayah Kementerian Agama masing-masing.

    1. Test Bakat Skolastik (TBS)
    2. Test Kemampuan Akademik
    3. Test Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris
    4. Test Kepesantrenan
    5. Test Bahasa Arab

    Seleksi dilaksanakan pada tanggal 13 Maret 2010 di 29 Kantor Wilayah Kementerian Agama RI.

    Kementerian Agama RI akan menanggung komponen pembiayaan sebagai berikut:
    1. Biaya seleksi.
    2. Biaya pendidikan pre-university (matrikulasi/orientasi/bridging program).
    3. Biaya pendidikan (SPP dan Sumbangan Dana Pengembangan Akademik (SDPA).
    4. Bantuan Biaya hidup (living cost).

    Peserta yang lulus seleksi akan studi pada perguruan tinggi mitra: Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Surabaya, Institut Teknologi 10 November (ITS) Surabaya, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Universitas Mataram, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, dan IAIN Walisongo Semarang.

    Informasi lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi Panitia Seleksi Peserta PBSB Direktorat Pendidikan Diniyah dan Pondok Pesantren, Ditjen Pendidikan Islam Kementerian Agama RI. dengan nomor telepon 021-3811810 atau melalui website

    Jakarta, 3 Februari 2009

    Direktur Jenderal Pedidikan Islam


    Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Ali, MA

    NB. Silahkan download

    * FORMULIR PBSB 2010:

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  • Beasiswa Kuliah di Brunei

    With His Majesty`s consent, the Government of Brunei Darussalam is offering annual scholarships under a special scholarship award scheme, commencing in 2010/2011 academic session. The scholarships are offered for Bachelors, Masters, and Phd Degree Program.

    Tenable in Brunei Darussalam, the aim of the Scholarship awards is to provide students, with the opportunity to study at Universiti Brunei Darussalam [UBD], Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali [UNISSA] and Institut Teknologi Brunei [ITB]. The academic year for UBD, UNISSA and ITB commences in July / August 2010.

    Applicants must be citizens of ASEAN, OIC, Commonwealth Member Countries and others and must be between the ages of 18 – 25 at the commencement of the academic session for which they are applying for admission. However, under exceptional case, the age limit requirement may be waived for candidates who are applying for Masters and PhD Programmes.

    The awards are NOT eligible to Brunei Permanent Residents and foreigners residing in Brunei Darussalam for more than three months. The Scholarship award is normally tenable according to the duration of the specific programme which is four years for an Honours First Degree or one to two years for a Master`s Degree or three years for a Doctoral programme at UBD, UNISSA and ITB, two and a half years for HND at ITB on full-time basis.

    The Scholarship award is subject to the scholar maintaining satisfactory conduct and satisfactory progress in the scholar`s studies (this requires the scholar to maintain an active registration status by passing the prescribed semester examinations and obtaining the minimum course credit units).

    The scholarship covers

    * Tuition fees.
    * Air-tickets by economy class for which the scholar will only be provided on the following occasions:
    o from the scholar`s home country to Brunei Darussalam at the commencement of the programme;
    o from Brunei Darussalam to the scholar`s home country after the completion of the programme.
    * Free medical and dental treatment at any Government hospital subject to conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Health. However there will be administrative charges for every consultation (currently at B$3.00), admission to class A1, A2 and A3 wards and charges for certain dental treatment as stated in the schedule 1 Dental Treatment issued by the Ministry of Health.

    Other allowances payable will include:
    – Monthly personal allowance of B$500.00.
    – Annual Book Allowance of B$600.00.

    The scholarships are offered for Bachelors, Masters, and Phd Degree Program. For details of program and admission criterias of every university, Please read official call:

    Completed application forms, together with certified copies of relevant certificates and documents, must be returned to the Technical Assistance Department not later than 28 February 2010.

    The awarding body reserves the right to reject any applicant. No award will be made if there is no applicant of sufficient merit. The decision on selection of any candidate is final. Equiries or disputes regarding its decisions will not be entertained.

    Application Deadline : 28 February 2010

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  • Panduan Beasiswa kuliah Bidik MISI 2010

    Berhubung banyaknya pertanyaan tentang beasiswa kuliah bidik misi, maka bersama ini Saya sertakan panduan bagaimana mendapatkan bidik misi. Pada intinya beasiswa ini dikoordinis oleh kepala sekolah dalam pengiriman berkas yang dibutuhkan. Anda bisa download panduan beasiswa bidik misi disini.

    Kabar baiknya beasiswa ini akan menyalurkan dana beasiswa 20.000 orang.


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  • Sampoerna Foundation Scholarships for Indonesia students to study MBA in US, Singapore, UK, France, and Australia.

    Sampoerna Foundation Overview
    Sampoerna Foundation is a professional philanthropy organization and a service provider for Corporate Social Responsibility with a commitment to education. It was established in 2001 in response to the urgent need to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

    Sampoerna Foundation Overseas MBA Scholarship

    The Sampoerna Foundation Overseas MBA Scholarship is a means to groom Indonesia’s future business leaders.

    Sampoerna Foundation provides one (1) scholarship to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration degree at leading university overseas. Upon completing the program, the scholarship recipient is required to return to Indonesia and endeavor to transfer his/ her knowledge to his/ her fellow citizens.

    I. Basic Eligibility
    Applicant must satisfy ALL of the following conditions:

    1. Indonesian citizen who is under 35 years of age when lodging the application.
    2. Hold a local Bachelor’s degree from any discipline with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale).
    3. Have a minimum of 2 year full-time professional work experience after the completion of the undergraduate degree.
    4. Currently did not enroll in graduate or post-graduate program, or obtained a Master’s degree or equivalent.
    5. Did not graduate from an overseas tertiary institution, unless was on a full scholarship.
    6. Do not receive other equivalent award or scholarship offering similar or other benefits at the time of the award.
    7. Has applied to the university(ies) that are recommended by Sampoerna Foundation for the academic year 2010/2011 by the closing date of this scholarship application (February 1, 2010).
    8. Submit the result of TOEFL/ IELTS and GMAT with the minimum score as required by the chosen university.
    9. Have motivation to return to Indonesia and work in Indonesia upon completion of the MBA program.

    II. Further Requirements
    Applicant also must:

    1. Demonstrate leadership potential and interest in and commitment to community and national development.
    2. Meet the requirements for obtaining a student visa of the designated country upon acceptance of the scholarship.
    3. Comply with the application of the scholarship rules and regulations as stipulated by Sampoerna Foundation, partner institution for each respective program, and the university.

    III. Nature of award

    1. The scholarship covers the following:
    * GMAT and TOEFL/ IELTS reimbursement, one time only, based on original invoice;
    * University application fee, for up to 2 (two) universities;
    * Student visa application fee;
    * Return airfares from Jakarta to the place of study;
    * Tuition fees, for the duration of study;
    * Living allowance, to support living costs during period of study;
    * Literature allowance, to purchase textbooks required for study.
    2. The scholarship is intended for full-time/ regular class study only.
    3. Scholarship recipient is not permitted to undertake any form of employment at any time during the course of study.

    IV. Duration of Award

    1. The scholarship is provided for a maximum of 2 (two) years, or otherwise as stated by the university.
    2. The scholarship recipient is obliged to complete his/ her study within 2 (two) years. Failure to complete the study within this timeframe will result in a penalty imposed whereby the scholarship recipient must return 50% of the total amount of scholarship fund already disbursed.
    3. Continuation of scholarship is subject to the scholar’s satisfactory academic and non-academic progress.

    V. Employment
    There is no obligation for the scholarship recipient or Sampoerna Foundation to engage in any form of future employment.
    Sampoerna Foundation does not oblige scholarship recipient to work for Sampoerna Foundation and its affiliates or
    supporting organizations.
    However, upon completion of study, the scholarship recipient is required to return and work in Indonesia for 5 (five)
    consecutive years to contribute the skills and knowledge gained from the MBA study for the development of the country.

    Application deadline is February 1, 2010.

    Sampoerna Foundation recommends the 2010 scholarship applicants to apply for admission to any of the following

    Sampoerna Foundation MBA in the USA Scholarship

    1. Harvard University – Boston, MA
    2. Stanford University – Stanford, CA
    3. Northwestern University (Kellogg) – Evanston, IL
    4. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) – Philadelphia, PA
    5. Massachusetts Institut of Technology (Wharton) – Cambridge, MA
    6. University of Chicago (Booth) – Chicago, IL
    7. University of California-Berkeley (Haas) – Berkeley, CA
    8. Columbia University – New York, NY
    9. Yale University – New Haven, CT

    Australian Education International – Sampoerna Foundation MBA in Australia Scholarship

    1. Australian Graduate School of Management
    2. Melbourne Business School

    Ambassade de France en Indonésie – Sampoerna Foundation MBA in France Scholarship

    1. INSEAD

    British Council – Sampoerna Foundation MBA in the UK Scholarship

    1. London Business School
    2. University of Cambridge (Judge)
    3. University of Oxford (Said)

    Singapore Education – Sampoerna Foundation MBA in Singapore Scholarship

    1. National University of Singapore
    2. Nanyang Technological University

    Application package can be downloaded at Sampoerna Foundation’s website: Interested applicants who meet the requirements must complete and return the application package (application form & reference form) by the deadline (February 1, 2010) to Sampoerna Foundation office:

    Sampoerna School of Education Building
    Jl. Kapten Tendean No.88 C, 5th Floor
    Jakarta Selatan 12710, Indonesia

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  • Satu lagi info beasiswa tahun 2010,yakni paket beasiswa Bidik Misi. Beasiswa ini diberikan oleh Departemen Pendidikan Nasional terhadap 20 ribu lulusan SMA/SMK/MA/MAK/Paket C tahun 2010 yang berprestasi dari keluarga kurang mampu secara ekonomi dan memiliki kemampuan akademik. Beasiswa Bidik Misi diperuntukkan bagi siswa yang akan melanjutkan ke perguruan tinggi.

    Setidaknya 83 perguruan tinggi Negeri Departemen Pendidikan Nasional dan 22 Perguruan Tinggi Negeri Departemen Agama akan menjadi pelaksana Program Beasiswa BIDIK MISI 2010 ini. Daya tampung beasiswa ditetapkan berdasarkan jumlah mahasiswa baru yang diterima setiap tahun dan/atau jumlah total mahasiswa di perguruan  tinggi tersebut.

    Menurut Dirjen Dikti, Prof Dr Fasli jalal, Ph.D, tujuan utama program beasiswa ini adalah memberikan harapan kepada anak-anak bangsa dengan kemampuan akademik yang baik tapi berasal dari keluarga kurang mampu secara ekonomi. Ini sekaligus membuktikan jargon bahwa selalu ada kesempatan bagi mereka yang selalu berjuang untuk meraih masa depannya.


    Persyaratan yang diperlukan untuk mendapatkan beasiswa Bidik Misi 2010:

    1. Siswa SMA/SMK/MA/MAK/paket C yang dijadwalkan lulus pada tahu 2010

    2. Berasal dari keluarga tidak mampu secara ekonomi

    3. Mempunyai prestasi akademik/kurikuler, ko-kurikuler maupun ekstra kurikuler.

    4.Dapat memilih program pendidikan Diploma III, IV dan sarjana S1

    5. Tiap calon mahasiswa dapat memilih maksimal dua program studi, baik dalam satu perguruan tinggi atau di dua perguruan tinggi yang berbeda.

    Beasiswa ini diberikan sejak sang mahasiswa dinyatakan diterima dan memulai kegiatan akademik di perguruan tinggi, sampai menyelesaikan semester 8 (untuk program diploma IV dan S1) dan semester 6 (untuk program Diploma III) dengan ketentuan penerima beasiswa berstatus mahasiswa aktif. Wah uenak tenan..

    Informasi mengenai Panduan dan Formulir pendaftaran bisa didapat pada link dibawah ini:
    Panduan Beasiswa Bidik Misi

    >> Formulir Beasiswa Bidik Misi

    >> Informasi lengkap mengenai beasiswa Bidik Misi

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  • Beasiswa kuliah di ITS 2010

    ITS tahun akademik 2010/2011 menerima mahasiswa baru melalui beberapa jalur diantaranya Program Penelusuran Minat dan Kemampuan (PMDK) Berbeasiswa diintegrasikan dengan Program Beasiswa Bidik Misi.

    Program Beasiswa Bidik Misi terbuka bagi lulusan SMA/SMK/MA/MAK tahun 2010 yang berprestasi dan berasal dari keluarga kurang mampu secara ekonomi. Beasiswa akan diberikan sejak calon mahasiswa dinyatakan diterima di perguruan tinggi selama 8 (delapan) semester untuk program Diploma IV dan Sarjana, dan selama 6 (enam) semester untuk program Diploma III, dengan ketentuan penerima beasiswa berstatus sebagai mahasiswa aktif.

    Berapa beasiswa yang diterima?

    1. Pendaftar yang dinyatakan diterima melalui Program Beasiswa Bidik Misi dibebaskan dari segala biaya pendidikan yang berlaku di ITS.
    2. Kepada pendaftar yang dinyatakan diterima melalui Program Beasiswa Bidik Misi, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional akan memberikan dana beasiswa dan biaya pendidikan sebesar Rp. 5.000.000,- (Lima Juta Rupiah) per mahasiswa per semester, dengan rincian sebagai berikut:
      1. Dana beasiswa (biaya hidup) sebesar Rp. 500.000,- (lima ratus ribu rupiah) sampai dengan Rp. 700.000,- (tujuh ratus ribu rupiah) per bulan, tergantung pada indeks harga kemahalan daerah lokasi perguruan tinggi dimana pendaftar diterima.
      2. Sisa dana dialokasikan kepada perguruan tinggi dimana pendaftar diterima sebagai pengganti biaya pendidikan per semester dari yang bersangkutan.

    Pendaftaran dibuka dari tanggal 1 Februari sd 2 April 2010. Info pendaftaran selengkapnya klik disini.

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  • Beasiswa ITB untuk semua 2010

    Prestasi bagus dan mau kuliah di ITB, tetapi dana tidak ada? Orang tua secara financial belum beruntung dan pingen sekali anaknya kuliah setinggi-tingginya? ITB menfasilitasi itu semua dengan sarana baru yang diberi nama ITB untuk semua.  Bukan hanya biaya kuliah, tetapi juga ongkos tempat tinggal dan biaya hidup selama menempuh kuliah di Bandung didanai sepenuhnya, alias gratis.

    Sebagai informasi, bentuk beasiswa yang juga diberi nama Beasiswa Biaya Pendidikan Penuh dan Bantuan Biaya Hidup ini di mulai sejak tahun 2009 dan telah memberikan beasiswa kepada 40 mahasiswa ITB dengan rincian: yang lulus Ujian Saringan Masuk ITB (27 orang) dan SNMPTN (13 orang). Berita baiknya, tahun 2010 ini akan diberikan beasiswa kepada 100 mahasiswa yang lulus melalui jalur PMBP. Untuk informasi selengkapnya beasiswa ini dapat mengunjungi itb untuk semua.

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